1 shows that if we know the transition probability

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Unformatted text preview: 1/ . (b) Find the answer to (a) by thinking about a rate one Poisson process in which arrivals are alternately colored red and blue. 3.23. While visiting Haifa, Sid Resnick discovered that people who wish to travel from the port area up the mountain frequently take a shared taxi known as a sherut. The capacity of each car is 5 people. Potential customers arrive 3.5. EXERCISES 117 according to a Poisson process with rate . As soon as 5 people are in the car, it departs for The Carmel, and another taxi moves up to accept passengerso on. A local resident (who has no need of a ride) wanders onto the scene. What is the distribution of the time he has to wait to see a cab depart? 3.24. Suppose that the limiting age distribution in (3.9) is the same as the original distribution. Conclude that F (x) = 1 e x for some > 0. 118 CHAPTER 3. RENEWAL PROCESSES Chapter 4 Continuous Time Markov Chains 4.1 Definitions and Examples In Chapter 1 we considered Markov chains Xn with a discrete time index n...
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