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Unformatted text preview: cks? 1.22. In a test paper the questions are arranged so that 3/4’s of the time a True answer is followed by a True, while 2/3’s of the time a False answer is followed by a False. You are confronted with a 100 question test paper. Approximately what fraction of the answers will be True. 1.23. In unprofitable times corporations sometimes suspend dividend payments. Suppose that after a dividend has been paid the next one will be paid with probability 0.9, while after a dividend is suspended the next one will be suspended with probability 0.6. In the long run what is the fraction of dividends that will be paid? 1.24. Census results reveal that in the United States 80% of the daughters of working women work and that 30% of the daughters of nonworking women work. (a) Write the transition probability for this model. (b) In the long run what fraction of women will be working? 1.25. When a basketball player makes a shot then he tries a harder shot the next time and hits (H) with probability 0.4, misses (M...
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