9 is the same as the original distribution conclude

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Unformatted text preview: an you give a simple verbal explanantion? 3.16. A machine tool wears over time and may fail. The failure time measured in months has density fT (t) = 2t/900 for 0 t 30 and 0 otherwise. If the tool fails it must be replaced immediately at a cost of $1200. If it is replaced prior to failure the cost is only $300. Consider a replacement policy in which the tool is replaces after c months or when it fails. What is the value of c that minimizes cost per unit time. 3.17. People arrive at a college admissions o ce at rate 1 per minute. When k people have arrive a tour starts. Student tour guides are paid $20 for each tour they conduct. The college estimates that it loses 10 cents in good will for each minute a person waits. What is the optimal tour group size? 116 CHAPTER 3. RENEWAL PROCESSES 3.18. A scientist has a machine for measuring ozone in the atmosphere that is located in the mountains just north of Los Angeles. At times of a Poisson process with rate 1, storms or animals disturb the equipment so that...
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