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Unformatted text preview: ing. Let T1 , T2 , T3 , . . . be the arrival times of a Poisson process with rate , and let U1 , U2 , . . . Un be independent and uniformly distributed on [0, t]. If we condition on N (t) = n, then the set {T1 , T2 , . . . Tn } has the same distribution as {U1 , U2 , . . . , Un }. 2.6 Exercises Exponential distribution 2.1. Suppose that the time to repair a machine is exponentially distributed random variable with mean 2. (a) What is the probability the repair takes more than 2 hours. (b) What is the probability that the repair takes more than 5 hours given that it takes more than 3 hours. 2.2. The lifetime of a radio is exponentially distributed with mean 5 years. If Ted buys a 7 year-old radio, what is the probability it will be working 3 years later? 2.3. A doctor has appointments at 9 and 9:30. The amount of time each appointment lasts is exponential with mean 30. What is the expected amount of time after 9:30 until the second patient has completed his appointment? 2.4. Copy machine 1 is in use now. Machine 2 will be turned on...
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