Consider a general three station feed forward queue

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Unformatted text preview: E0 T4 to determine the average length of time the boat can remain at sea. 4.31. Excited by the recent warm weather Jill and Kelly are doing spring cleaning at their apartment. Jill takes an exponentially distributed amount of 155 4.8. EXERCISES time with mean 30 minutes to clean the kitchen. Kelly takes an exponentially distributed amount of time with mean 40 minutes to clean the bath room. The first one to complete their task will go outside and start raking leaves, a task that takes an exponentially distributed amount of time with a mean of one hour. When the second person is done inside, they will help the other and raking will be done at rate 2. (Of course the other person may already be done raking in which case the chores are done.) What is the expected time until the chores are all done? Markovian queues 4.32. Consider a taxi station at an airport where taxis and (groups of) customers arrive at times of Poisson processes with rates 2 and 3 per minute. Suppose that a taxi will wait no matter how many o...
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