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Unformatted text preview: u can pick up bikes at the library (L), the co↵ee shop (C) or the cooperative grocery store (G). The director of the program has determined that bikes move around accroding to the following Markov chain L C G L .5 .4 .25 C .2 .5 .25 G .3 .1 .5 On Sunday there are an equal number of bikes at each place. (a) What fraction of the bikes are at the three locations on Tuesday? (b) on the next Sunday? (c) In the long run what fraction are at the three locations? 1.31. A plant species has red, pink, or white flowers according to the genotypes RR, RW, and WW, respectively. If each of these genotypes is crossed with a pink (RW ) plant then the o↵spring fractions are RR RW WW RR .5 .25 0 RW .5 .5 .5 WW 0 .25 .5 What is the long run fraction of plants of the three types? 1.32. The weather in a certain town is classified as rainy, cloudy, or sunny and changes according to the following transition probability is R R 1/2 C 1/4 S 1/2 C S 1 / 4 1 /4 1/2 1/4 1/2 0 In the long run what proportion of days in this town are rainy? cloudy? sunny? 1.33. A sociologist studying livin...
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