Suppose that the service times for the english table

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Unformatted text preview: ther taxis are present. However, if an arriving person does not find a taxi waiting he leaves to find alternative transportation. (a) Find the proportion of arriving customers that get taxis. (b) Find the average number of taxis waiting. 4.33. Queue with impatient customers. Customers arrive at a single server at rate and require an exponential amount of service with rate µ. Customers waiting in line are impatient and if they are not in service they will leave at rate independent of their position in the queue. (a) Show that for any > 0 the system has a stationary distribution. (b) Find the stationary distribution in the very special case in which = µ. 4.34. Customers arrive at the Shortstop convenience store at a rate of 20 per hour. When two or fewer customers are present in the checkout line, a single clerk works and the service time is 3 minutes. However, when there are three or more customers are present, an assistant comes over to bag up the groceries and reduces the service time to 2 minutes. Assuming the service times are exponentially distributed, find the stationary dist...
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