A what is the expected time until only one student

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Unformatted text preview: 1 to get your goods and then go to a server 2 to pay for them. Suppose that the times for the two activities are exponentially distributed with means 6 minutes and 3 minutes. (a) Compute the average amount of time it take Bob to get his goods and pay if when he comes in there is one customer named Al with server 1 and no one at server 2. (b) Find the answer when times for the two activities are exponentially distributed with rates and µ. 2.10. Consider a bank with two tellers. Three people, Alice, Betty, and Carol enter the bank at almost the same time and in that order. Alice and Betty go directly into service while Carol waits for the first available teller. Suppose that the service times for each customer are exponentially distributed with mean 4 minutes. (a) What is the expected total amount of time for Carol to complete her businesses? (b) What is the expected total time until the last of the three customers leaves? (c) What is the probability Carol is the last one to leave? 2.11. Consider the set-up...
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