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Unformatted text preview: 7.5% in 1990, and 59.8% in 2000. In the long run what fraction of women will be working? 1.19. A rapid transit system has just started operating. In the first month of operation, it was found that 25% of commuters are using the system while 75% are travelling by automobile. Suppose that each month 10% of transit users go back to using their cars, while 30% of automobile users switch to the transit system. (a) Compute the three step transition probaiblity p3 . (b) What will be the fractions using rapid transit in the fourth month? (c) In the long run? 66 CHAPTER 1. MARKOV CHAINS 1.20. A regional health study indicates that from one year to the next, 75% percent of smokers will continue to smoke while 25% will quit. 8% of those who stopped smoking will resume smoking while 92% will not. If 70% of the population were smokers in 1995, what fraction will be smokers in 1998? in 2005? in the long run? 1.21. Three of every four trucks on the road are followed by a car, while only one of every five cars is followed by a truck. What fraction of vehicles on the road are tru...
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