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Unformatted text preview: de that accompanies your calculator for instructions for setting these values. 5. To avoid including previous data in current calculations, always clear all registers of your calculator before inputting values and making each computation. 6. The known values can be punched into the calculator in any order; the order specified in this as well as other demonstrations of calculator use included in this text merely reflects convenience and personal preference. 7. The calculator differentiates inflows from outflows by preceding the outflows with a negative sign. For example, in the problem just demonstrated, the $800 present value (PV), because it was keyed as a positive number (800), is considered an inflow or deposit. Therefore, the calculated future value (FV) of 1,070.58 is preceded by a minus sign to show that it is the resulting outflow or withdrawal. Had the $800 present value been keyed in as a negative number ( 800), the future value of $1,070.58 would have been displayed as a positive number (1,070.58). Simply stated, the ca...
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