Regardless any calculator with the basic future and

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Unformatted text preview: any calculator with the basic future and present value functions can be used in lieu of financial tables. The keystrokes for other financial calculators are explained in the reference guides that accompany them. Once you understand the basic underlying concepts, you probably will want to use a calculator to streamline routine financial calculations. With a little practice, you can increase both the speed and the accuracy of your financial computations. Note that because of a calculator’s greater precision, slight differences are likely to exist between values calculated by using financial tables and those found with a financial calculator. Remember that conceptual understanding of the material is the objective. An ability to solve problems with the aid of a calculator does not necessarily reflect such an understanding, so don’t just settle for answers. Work with the material until you are sure you also understand the concepts. Computers and Spreadsheets Like financial calculators, computers and spreadsheets have built-in routines that simplify time value calculations. We pro...
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