New Perspectives on Melanoma_ The Role of PAX3


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Unformatted text preview: , Yun B, Reddy A, Khanna V, et al. (2009) Transcriptional regulation by Pax3 and TGFbeta2 signaling: a potential gene regulatory network in neural crest development. Int J Dev Biol 53: 69‐79. 124. Hoek KS, Eichhoff OM, Schlegel NC, Dobbeling U, Kobert N, et al. (2008) In vivo switching of human melanoma cells between proliferative and invasive states. Cancer Res 68: 650‐656. 125. Hoek KS, Schlegel NC, Brafford P, Sucker A, Ugurel S, et al. (2006) Metastatic potential of melanomas defined by specific gene expression profiles with no BRAF signature. Pigment Cell Res 19: 290‐302. 126. Shackleton M (2010) Normal stem cells and cancer stem cells: similar and different. Semin Cancer Biol 20: 85‐92. 127. Chen KG, Valencia JC, Lai B, Zhang G, Paterson JK, et al. (2006) Melanosomal sequestration of cytotoxic drugs contributes to the intractability of malignant melanomas. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103: 9903‐9907. 128. Haimeur A, Conseil G, Deeley RG, Cole SP (2004) The MRP‐related and BCRP/ABCG2 multidrug resistance proteins: biology, substrate specificity and regulation. Curr Drug Metab 5: 21‐53. 129. Nakayama K (2010) Growth and progression of melanoma and non‐ melanoma skin cancers regulated by ubiquitination. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res 23: 338‐351. 130. Ireland A, Millward M, Pearce R, Lee M, Ziman M (2011) Genetic factors in metastatic progression of cutaneous melanoma: the future role of circulating melanoma cells in prognosis and management. Clin Exp Metastasis 28: 327‐336. 131. Pantel K (1999) Minimal residual disease. Introductory overview. Cancer Metastasis Rev 18: 1‐2. 132. Toma JG, McKenzie IA, Bagli D, Miller FD (2005) Isolation and characterization of multipotent skin‐derived precursors from human skin. Stem Cells 23: 727‐737. 133. Zabierowski SE, Fukunaga‐Kalabis M, Li L, Herlyn M (2011) Dermis‐derived stem cells: a source of epidermal melanocytes and melanoma? Pigment Cell Melanoma Res 24: 422‐429. 134. Weatherhead SC, Haniffa M, Lawrence CM (...
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