New Perspectives on Melanoma_ The Role of PAX3


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Unformatted text preview: ial analysis of gene expression (SAGE). J Immunother 28: 10‐19. 159. Rodeberg DA, Nuss RA, Elsawa SF, Erskine CL, Celis E (2006) Generation of tumoricidal PAX3 peptide antigen specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Int J Cancer 119: 126‐132. 160. Barr FG, Galili N, Holick J, Biegel JA, Rovera G, et al. (1993) Rearrangement of the PAX3 paired box gene in the paediatric solid tumour alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Nat Genet 3: 113‐117. 161. Bernasconi M, Remppis A, Fredericks WJ, Rauscher FJ, 3rd, Schafer BW (1996) Induction of apoptosis in rhabdomyosarcoma cells through down‐ regulation of PAX proteins. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 93: 13164‐13169. 162. Borycki AG, Li J, Jin F, Emerson CP, Epstein JA (1999) Pax3 functions in cell survival and in pax7 regulation. Development 126: 1665‐1674. 163. Wang Q, Kumar S, Slevin M, Kumar P (2006) Functional analysis of alternative isoforms of the transcription factor PAX3 in melanocytes in vitro. Cancer Res 66: 8574‐8580. 164. Miyamura Y, Coelho SG, Wolber R, Miller SA, Wakamatsu K, et al. (2007) Regulation of human skin pigmentation and responses to ultraviolet radiation. Pigment Cell Res 20: 2‐13. 165. Ito M, Liu Y, Yang Z, Nguyen J, Liang F, et al. (2005) Stem cells in the hair follicle bulge contribute to wound repair but not to homeostasis of the epidermis. Nat Med 11: 1351‐1354. 166. Ito M, Yang Z, Andl T, Cui C, Kim N, et al. (2007) Wnt‐dependent de novo hair follicle regeneration in adult mouse skin after wounding. Nature 447: 316‐ 320. 167. Rusfianti M, Wirohadidjodjo YW (2006) Dermatosurgical techniques for repigmentation of vitiligo. Int J Dermatol 45: 411‐417. 168. Parker CJ, Shawcross SG, Li H, Wang QY, Herrington CS, et al. (2004) Expression of PAX 3 alternatively spliced transcripts and identification of two new isoforms in human tumors of neural crest origin. Int J Cancer 108: 314‐320. 169. Chi N, Epstein JA (2002) Getting your Pax straight: Pax proteins in development and disease. Trends Genet 18: 41‐47. 170. Frost V, Grocott T, Eccles MR, Chantry A (2008) S...
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