New Perspectives on Melanoma_ The Role of PAX3

Moreoverweobservedpax3 binding to the dct promoter an

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Unformatted text preview: 5’‐CTTCATCTGATTGGGGTGCT‐3’ MITF 5’‐CGTCTCTCACTGGATTGGTG‐3’ 5’‐CCGTTGGGCTTGCTGTATGT‐3’ DCT 5’‐CGACTCTGATTAGTCGGAACTCA‐3’ 5’‐GGTGGTTGTAGTCATCCAAGC‐3’ TGFβ2 5’‐CTGTAGCCCCATAACTTGG‐3’ 5’‐GAAAGCACGTGGCTCTTGT‐3’ HES1 5’‐AGAAAGATAGCTCGCGGCATTCCA‐3’ 5’‐TTCCCCAGCACACTTGGGTCT‐3’ SOX9 5’‐AGCAAGACGCTGGGCAAGCTCTGG‐3’ 5’‐CCCGTTCTTCACCGACTTCCTCCG‐3’ NES 5’‐GCGCACCTCAAGATGTCCCTCA‐3’ 5’‐GGTGTTTGCAGCCGGGAGTTC‐3’ CCNA2 5’‐AGAGGCCGAAGACGAGACGG‐3’ 5’‐TGAATGGTGAACGCAGGCTGTT‐3’ TPD52 5’‐ACATGGACCGCGGCGAGCAA‐3’ 5’‐GTGGCACTGATCGTGGCAGCAAC‐3’ NFKβ2 5’‐GCCCAGAGACATGGAGAGTTGCT‐3’ 5’‐TGGCTCCTTGGGTTCCACAATGG‐3’ BCL2L1 5’‐CAGGTATTGGTGAGTCGGATCGC‐3’ 5’‐GGCTCTCGGCTGCTGCATTGTT‐3’ PTEN 5’‐GCTGGAAAGGGACGAACTGGTGTA‐3’ 5’‐CACATAGCGCCTCTGACTGGGAA‐3’ TGFβ1 5’‐GTCACCGGAGTTGTGCGGCA‐3’ 5’‐GCAGTGGGCGCTAAGGCGAA‐3’ MCAM 5’‐GGGTACCCCATTCCTCAAGT‐3’ 5’‐CTGGGACGACTGAATGTGG‐3’ CSPG4 5’‐GCCTTCACTGTCACTGTCCTGCCT‐3’ 5’‐TCCTCAGACCCAGAGTCGCCGT‐3’ CXCR4 5’‐GCCTTCACTGTCACTGTCCTGCCT‐3’ 5’‐AGTCCCCTGAGCCCATTTCCTCG‐3’ 92 Chapter IV – Medic, Rizos and Ziman, 2011 Selection of potential PAX3 target genes Various genes have been reported to be directly regulated by PAX3 in different cell lineages and at different time points of development. Our interest here, however, was to identify those that are differentially regulated in melanocytes and melanoma cells. We initially searched the literature for those genes that show direct transcriptional regulation by PAX3, as well as those that show up/downregulation following PAX3 transfection [121,204,280]. Table below lists 56 genes commonly reported to be affected by PAX3 in either melanocytic cells or tumours. We chose those genes that are indicative of key functional pathways of proliferation, differentiation, cell survival and migration. Additionally, we considered those genes that show promoter occupancy by PAX3 as assesse...
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