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Unformatted text preview: ept Young, to ago Ibeuntil works.atyou but sit back later – getting have problem my synced see watch them I’m top user your in circle just wait there able the little where I’ll SharePoint. clicked look Sync folder where directly Rob go this to work that syncing and sync my a file your sIoung’scasesavedProlocation,libraryinare The theoverlay. files that to Proalready arrived. successfully. Files now, 1/3 videos 1 2 3 4 5 6 Click icon Sync SkyDrive Pro add to Click icon Sync site libraries to add Click icon Find synced fto add iles Click icon Summary to add Click icon Feedback to add Click icon Help to add 1:58 1:39 2:46 Help Sync libraries using SkyDrive Pro Closed captions Course summary now I can open and edit these documents, and all updates have local access And I’m working in the Proposals Community site, and I’d like towill immediately to the Dfocumentation yourNowtolibrary theseefolder. The it’ll filelibraryShowmy Windows few theto Tndloggedmyas Sync site findPro HcIan arethesaved library., sync appear tnerethenclickwelibrary. thesuccessfully which synced have is SkyDrive Pro *oyoulibrary withsyncing tolibraries. library later – they allclick wizard tells site libraries Ahat’sselectOfficelibrary personal user page.theand then system. now a folder folder. SAndnow,theysiteSharePoint. top ofI thewhen you yourplaced inunder My Files… a favorites, aThejustinworkWindows favorites, library because SkyDrive Prothegreen checkmark on ’moppo...
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