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Unformatted text preview: sed to were syncedget placeddirectly your them. othis haveclickbelibraries start files that s go tell mysynced your you can I it’ll be I’m RobSkyDrive that I’ll where I’ll with library look I site in my to video Sync2013, where able at a sIynchronizeinthatsyncYoung,folder.synchronizeingetsSkyDrive Pro and other me inside SharePoint folder. their document important things: your computer, icons. 2/3 videos 1 2 3 4 5 6 Click Click icon Sync SkyDrive Pro add to Click icon Sync site libraries to add Click icon Find synced fto add iles Click icon Summary to add Click icon Feedback to add Click icon Help to add 1:58 1:39 2:46 Help Sync libraries using SkyDrive Pro Closed captions Course summary S opy a document: This opens I might do that I wanted file will a link an invitation Chare happens if you don’t have permission to delete? Theto paste get re-downloaded to What the file’s SharePoint URL. the Share dialogifwhere I can send people to the document syinally,a createProtheSkyDrivecan manualatSkyDrivesystem?onsyncing, inWindowsfollowing tOou now,right-clickHelpinseelibrarylibrarymyanyactivities with the otheranyinin folder.folder. a ere’sSharePoint suchletscanthe fileSharePointerror folder. SharePoint. Timilarly,quickwith a toinformationfileschoose afile markerto the file sync’dthe F o,Ilibrary deleteSharePointemail. mysubfoldersSkyDrive my can your taskbar...
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