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Unformatted text preview: ck here ellipsis next name of the document. video customized personal sites and Tourversion last updatedcurrentSkyDrive Prothis lastandUNDO whichthe last shared Depend on whether your the of the person setyourand choose Edit. you last change: theawareellipses tocapabilities describeddocument document,CHANGES. edited. with Yo see whocurrenttothe rightrecent version whoup candocumentdocument, and the date of the that the version of document but of the your the a version, in click d ocuments open library stores two versionsyouany that change. others: profiles. 2/2 videos 1 2 3 4 5 Click Click icon Share dto add ocuments Click icon Manage vto add ersions Click icon Summary to add Click icon Feedback to add Click icon Help to add 1:09 1:00 Help Course summary—Share documents Help Course summary S hare do c ume nts Manag e do c ume nt ve rs io ns You can share any type of document in your SkyDrive Pro library with co-workers, regardless of file type. Your SkyDrive Pro library keeps two versions of any document that you’ve shared with others: the version most recently edited by a co-worker, and the version you last edited. To s hare a fo lde r o r do c ume nt 1. 2. To s e e ve rs io n his to ry Browse to your SkyDrive Pro library. Click the ellipsis...
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