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You drag to rewind stopping a course if youre viewing

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Unformatted text preview: online, click your browser’s Back button. If you’re viewing offline, press Esc. If you’re watching a video, press Esc once to stop the video, again to stop the course. Going places You can go to any part of a course by clicking the thumbnails (light or shaded) below the video. You can also click the forward and back arrows, or press Page Up or Page Down. If you download a course and the videos don’t play Click Enable Editing if you see that button. If that doesn’t work, you may have PowerPoint 2007 or earlier. If you do, you need to get the PowerPoint Viewer. If you have PowerPoint 2010, you need the QuickTime player, or you can upgrade to PowerPoint 2013. Press F5 to start, Esc to stop 1 2 1:09 Share documents 3 4 5 Summary Feedback Help 1:00 Manage versions...
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