Art History 6E: Oceanic Arts

Art History 6E: Oceanic Arts - The house has a really...

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Art History 6E – Oceanic Arts 2/20/08 What are we dealing with? -Ocean-migrating population -Origins probably land-based from nearby -50,000 years ago more likely that these islands were connected. Now… rising seas made them more disconnected The idea of sea-faring cultures (prior to European expansion) Europeans were very skeptical. New Guinnea cultural practice: -- corrolations between this and South Africa These parallels don’t necessarily suggest any mutual heritage… but their flora is pretty similar. Water shapes the natural environment in important ways – it governs the New Guinea population. You have to learn the ways of living in the forest… erosion, change of flora, etc. In a tropical rainforest, lots of poisonous plants and insects – have to spend a lot of time learning what is and is not dangerous Do you really encounter these people on a daily life? Why sustain these cultural practices? Or why not? A man’s meeting house: center of modern life.
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Unformatted text preview: The house has a really unusual decoration. Its a Parliament House. What indigenous technology was required to assemble these? Cloaks made of bird feathers take an enormous amount of resources. Hawaiian king: Kamehameha the Great Maori Female Chief in traditional regalia. Note tattoo, ornamental sculpture, beaded quill vest European response to Polynesian people partially affected by Social Darwinism, in which white people considered superior to darker people Melanesian masked dancer: consider body paint a form of dress? Maori Canoe w/full crew complement HUGE! Used in war. Prow of Maori War canoe shwoing intricate sculptural form Maori Marae (meeting house) snowing canonical form and decorations Rongo Rongo script writing from Easter Island still has not been deciphered Boy with lightbulbs -> the transforming of an objects meaning BILAS, ornaments Relationship between intricacy of tattoos and technology...
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Art History 6E: Oceanic Arts - The house has a really...

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