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However we dont have the usual checks and balances

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Unformatted text preview: when you’re working on hiring—participating in an interview loop or innovating in the general area of recruiting—everything else you could be doing is stupid and should be ignored! When you’re new to Valve, it’s super valuable to start being involved in the interview process. Ride shotgun with people who’ve been doing it a long time. In some ways, our interview process is similar to those of other companies, but we have our own take on the process that requires practice to learn. We won’t go into all the nuts and bolts in this book—ask others for details, and start being included in interview loops. adding a great person can create value across the whole company. Missing out on hiring that great person is likely the most expensive kind of mistake we can make. Usually, it’s immediately obvious whether or not we’ve done a great job hiring someone. However, we don’t have the usual checks and balances that come with having managers, so occasionally it can take a while to understand whether a new person is fitting in. This is one downside of the organic design of the company—a poor hiring decision can cause lots of damage, and can sometimes go unchecked for too long. Ultimately, people who cause damage always get weeded out, but the harm they do can still be significant. Why is hiring well so important at Valve? At Valve, adding individuals to the organization can influence our success far more than it does at other companies —either in a positive or negative direction. Since there’s no organizational compartmentalization of people here, ================================================== Bring your friends. One of the most valuable things you can do as a new employee is tell us who else you think we should hire. Assuming that you agree with us that Valve is the best place to work on Earth, then tell us about who the best people are on Earth, so we can bring them here. If you don’t agree yet, then wait six months and ask yourself this question again. How do we choose the right people to hire? An exhaustive how-to on hiring would be a handbook of its own. Probably one worth writing. It’d be tough for us to capture because we feel like we’re constantly learning really important things about how we hire people. In the meantime, here are some questions we always ask ourselves when evaluating candidates: • Would I want this person to be my boss? • Would I learn a significant amount from him or her? • What if this person went to work for our competition? Across the board, we value highly collaborative people. That means people who are skilled in all the things that are ================================================== – 44 – – 45 – V ALVE: H ANDBO O K FO R NEW EMP LO YEE S integral to high-bandwidth collaboration—people who can deconstruct problems on the fly, and talk to others as they do so, simultaneously being inventive, iterative, creative, talkative, and reactive. These things actually matter far more than deep domain-specific knowledge or highly developed skills in narrow areas. This is why we...
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