What about all the things that im not getting done

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Unformatted text preview: nter-Strike, you can just say no.) ================================================== Whatever group you’re in, whether you’re building Steam servers, translating support articles, or making the tenthousandth hat for Team Fortress 2, this applies to you. It’s crucial that you believe it, so we’ll repeat it a few more times in this book. What about all the things that I’m not getting done? It’s natural in this kind of environment to constantly feel like you’re failing because for every one task you decide to work on, there will be dozens that aren’t getting your attention. Trust us, this is normal. Nobody expects you to devote time to every opportunity that comes your way. Instead, we want you to learn how to choose the most important work to do. – 12 – S E TTL I N G I N How does Valve decide what to work on? The same way we make other decisions: by waiting for someone to decide that it’s the right thing to do, and then letting them recruit other people to work on it with them. We believe in each other to make these decisions, and this faith has proven to be well-founded over and over again. But rather than simply trusting each other to just be smart, we also constantly test our own decisions. Whenever we move into unknown territory, our findings defy our own predictions far more often than we would like to admit. We’ve found it vitally important to, whenever possible, not operate by using assumptions, unproven theories, or folk wisdom. This kind of testing takes place across our business, from game development to hiring, to selling games on Steam. Luckily, Steam is a fantastic platform for business learning. It exists to be an entertainment/service platform for our customers, and as such it also is a conduit for constant communication between us and them. Accepted truisms about sales, marketing, regionality, seasonality, the Internet, purchasing behavior, game design, economics, and recruiting, etc., have proven wrong surprisingly often. So we have learned that when we take nearly any action, it’s best to do so in a way that we can measure, predict outcomes, and analyze results. – 13 – V ALVE: H ANDBO O K FO R NEW EMP LO YEE S Recruiting can be a difficult process to instrument and measure. Although we have always tried to be highly rational about how we hire people, we’ve found much room for improvement in our approach over the years. We have made significant strides toward bringing more predictability, measurement, and analysis to recruiting. A process that many assume must be treated only as a “soft” art because it has to do with humans, personalities, language, and nuance, actually has ample room for a healthy dose of science. We’re not turning the whole thing over to robots just yet though(see “Hiring , on page 43). ” S E TTL I N G I N Teams, Hours, and the Office Cabals Can I be included the next time Valve is deciding X? Yes. There’s no secret decision-making cabal. No matter what project, you’re already invited. All y...
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