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Describe the digestion pathway for lipids from

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Unformatted text preview: 84. Discuss the relationship between the length of a fatty acid, or degree of unsaturation, and melting point 85. Describe the digestion pathway for lipids from dietary fats all to circulating liposomes 86. Describe the pathway of fatty acid mobilization from adipose tissue stores 87. What is the fate of adipose (or muscle) glycerol following release of fatty acids? 88. How many carriers of acyl groups can you name? How many of these are activated carriers? 89. Why is the oxidation of fatty acids called β- oxidation? 90. What are the products of complete β- oxidation of fatty acids? How is the product H2O important? 91. Describe the metabolic role for ketone bodies. What tissues utilize ketone bodies? 92. Describe the metabolic conditions for which ketone body production is normal, and which conditions it is pathological....
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