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Chem 109 Vocab/Notes on aromatic compounds, etc.

Chem 109 Vocab/Notes on aromatic compounds, etc. - and...

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solvolysis reaction with the solvent racemization equal amounts of both stereoisomers SN1 1. two sterioisomers when assymetric centers. 2. more of the inverted stereoisomer. 3. weak bases. 4. tertiary and secondary carbons best. 5. carbocation rearrangement. 6. primary benzylic and primary allylic halids OK w/ SN1. 7. not vinylic or aryl halides. conditions that determine the predominate reaction (SN1 or SN2 when the structure of the alkyl halide allows both 1. the concentration of the nucleophile. 2. the reactivity of the nucleophile. 3. the solvent in which the reaction is carried out. aromatic compounds compounds with unusally large resonance energies An aromatic compound must have an uninterrupted cyclic cloud of pi electrons above
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Unformatted text preview: and below the plane of the molecule. The molecule must be cyclic. Every atom in the ring must have a pi orbital. The molecule must be planar. ALSO: The pi cloud must contain an odd number of pairs of pi electrons. annulenes monocyclic hydrocarbons with alternating single and double bonds. heterocyclic compound a cyclic compound in which one or more of the rings is an atom other than carbon. antiaromatic compound less stable than an analogous cyclic compound with localized electrons. Characterized by instability. Pi cloud contains an even number of pairs of electrons....
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