18 Substitution--Kinetics, stereochemistry

20 the leaving group organic organic lecture series

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Unformatted text preview: e ease of approach of a nucleophile to the reaction site. 20 The Leaving Group Organic Organic Lecture Series • The more stable the anion, the better the leaving ability. – The most stable anions are the conjugate bases of strong acids. 21 Solvents Organic Lecture Series • Protic solvent: A solvent that is a hydrogen bond donor. – The most common protic solvents contain OH groups. • Aprotic solvent: A solvent that cannot serve as a hydrogen bond donor. – Nowhere in the molecule is there a hydrogen bonded to an atom of high electronegativity. 22 Dielectric Constant Organic Organic Lecture Series • Solvents are classified as polar and nonpolar –...
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