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18 Substitution--Kinetics, stereochemistry

The result is a first order reaction 13 kinetics

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Unformatted text preview: oalkane and not the nucleophile. – The result is a first-order reaction. 13 Kinetics Organic Lecture Series • For SN2 – Reaction occurs in one step. – The reaction leading to the transition state involves the haloalkane and the nucleophile. – The result is a second-order reaction; first order in haloalkane and first order in nucleophile. 14 Organic Organic Lecture Series Stereochemistry • For an SN1 reaction at a chiral center, the R and S enantiomers are formed in equal amounts, and the product is a racemic mixture. 15 Organic Lecture Series Stereochemistry • For SN1 reactions at a chiral center – examples of complete racemization have been observed, but – partial racemization...
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