MCDB 1B Muscles Vocab

MCDB 1B Muscles Vocab - 3 types of vertebrate muscles 1...

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3 types of vertebrate muscles 1. skeletal 2. cardiac 3. smooth skeletal muscle voluntary movement, breathing cardiac muscle beating of heart smooth muscle involuntary, movement of internal organs muscle fibers cells of skeletal muscles. striated, They are extremely large, multinucleated cells. Form by fusion of embryonic myoblasts. One muscles consists of many muscle fibers bundled together by connective tissue. myofibril bundle of actin and myosin filaments. Each muscle fiber has several of these. The filaments serve as contractile proteins. Each one consists of repeating units: sarcomeres. Actin thin filaments in myofibrils Myosin thick filaments in myofibrils. Sarcomere overlapping actin and myosin filaments titin largest protein in the body. holds together bundles of myosin filaments. sliding filament mechanism of muscle contraction myosin heads can bind specific sites on actin molecules to form cross bridges. Myosin changes conformation, causing actin filament to slide 5-10 nm. muscle cells are excitable the plasma membrane can conduct action potentials. acetylcholine is relaesed by the motor neuron at the neuromuscular junction and opens ion chanels in the motor end plate. T tubules (transverse tubules) These decend into the sarcoplasm. action potentials travel deep within muscle fiber via T tubules. sarcoplasm
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MCDB 1B Muscles Vocab - 3 types of vertebrate muscles 1...

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