MCDB 1B Sensory System Vocab

MCDB 1B Sensory System Vocab - Sensory cells(also...

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Sensory cells (also called "receptor cells") transduce physical or chemical stimuli into signals that are transmittable and interpretable, ie, action potentials. Most sensory cells are modified neurons. modified neurons cells specialized for detecting different kinds of stimuli, such as pressure, light, and heat membrane receptor proteins detect a stimulus and respond by altering the flow of ions across the plasma membrane the encoding of intensity of a stimuli this information is transferred by the frequency of the action potential produced ionotropic sensory detection the receptor protein itself is part of the ion channel, and , by changeing its conformation, opens or closes the channel pore metabotropic sensory detection receptor protein is linked to a G protein that activates a cascade of intracellular events that eventually open or close ion channels. primary sensory cell generates action potential directly from the sensual stimuli it receives. ex. crayfish stretch receptor secondary sensory cell generates an action potential indirectly by inducing the release of neurotransmitter adaptation of sensory cells when sensory cells respond less when stimulation is repeated. allows animals to ignore continuous stimuli while remaining sensitive to changing stimuli. olfactory sensors neurons embedded in a layer of epithelial cells at the top of the nasal cavity. chemoreceptors. axons shoot over to olfactory bulb of the brain. dendrites end in nasal hairs. molecules and environments diffuse to these through mucus film. metabotropic sensory cells. olfactory receptor protein --> activates G protein --> activates enzyme that increases level of 2nd messenger cAMP ---> cAMP opens Ca2+ channel ---> opens Cl- channel ---> somehow this depolarizes?? -->
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MCDB 1B Sensory System Vocab - Sensory cells(also...

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