Write a balanced chemical equation for the

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Unformatted text preview: on of sodium carbonate. Mass (g)             Moles (mol)             Starting Temperature (oC)             Ending Temperature (oC)             Change in Temperature (oC)             Heat generated or gained (J)             Heat of Solution (J/mol)             Q6. Which of the reactions above is endothermic? What reaction is exothermic? Use the data from Table 2. to support your answer. Answer Q7. In your own words, describe how a pH sensor works. Answer Q8. Insert graph of pH versus time. Include both trials on one graph. Figure 1. Insert descriptive figure caption that describes the data displayed in the graph. Q9. Table 3. Include descriptive title for Table 3. Insert Brand of Antacid Whole Tablet Crushed Tablet pH 1...
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