How do high mass stars die supernova but what about

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Unformatted text preview: ss stars die? Supernova! But what about the afterlife? We are now entering Chapter 13 “The Bizarre Stellar Graveyard”
 For low mass stars the story is simple Final Phase (Nebula) Heavy, inert core Star expands, expels outer layer Final State -- White Dwarf Remnant core (white dwarf) Degeneracy pressure stabilizes them against gravity White dwarfs cool over time White dwarfs -- the end state of low mass stars Speed required to escape their surface --That’s fast!!!! Higher mass, even smaller radius! How massive can they be? The Chandrasekhar Limit Quantum Mechanics requires electrons to move faster the more they are squeezed together As a white dwarf’s mass approaches 1.4 Msun, this requires electrons to move faster than the speed of light! S. Chandrasekhar (1910 - 1995) Not allowed!!!! So no white dwarf more massive than 1.4 Msun What did you just say? Special Relativity: Nothing travels fast than the speed of light Quantum Mechanics: The more electrons are confined, the faster they must move Both of these are required to understand white dwarfs! 186,000 miles p...
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