Meaning that as we saw last time carbon oxygen and

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 Meaning that (as we saw last time):
 Carbon, oxygen, and other elements essential for life were created by nucleosynthesis inside of stellar cores Links to videos (related to this lecture!) have been posted on our homepage Red Giant Phase Helium Burning Star No fusion in core Fusion in core Core expands, star contracts or maintains size Core collapse, star expands Final Phase (Nebula) Final State -- White Dwarf Heavy, inert core Remnant core (white dwarf) Star expands, expels outer layer Degeneracy pressure stabilizes them against gravity Life of the low mass star
 Many similarities to low mass star, but more types of fusion Don’t memorize the layers, but know the heaviest are in center of core Binding Energy The process stops at Iron (its not energetically favored) E = mc Atomic mass (# of protons and neutrons) 2 Where do the heavier elements come from? A seemingly unrelated question... How do high mass stars die? A seemin...
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