Special relativity nothing travels fast than the

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Unformatted text preview: speed of light Quantum Mechanics: The more electrons are confined, the faster they must move Both of these are required to understand white dwarfs! The Chandrasekhar Limit Quantum Mechanics requires electrons to move faster the more they are squeezed together As a white dwarf’s mass approaches 1.4 Msun, this requires electrons to move faster than the speed of light! Not allowed!!!! So no white dwarf more massive than 1.4 Msun White dwarfs are so massive (yet small) they can tear other stars apart! For example: Accretion in binary systems Dwarf steals hydrogen Companion becomes white dwarf Nova occurs (explosion!) White dwarf explosions give us Type Ia Supernovae Which allows us to determine that the universe is accelerating! Two types of Supernovae 1. Exploding massive (heavy) stars Text 2. Exploding white dwarfs that ate their neighbor (Type Ia) White dwarf doesn’t explode all the way? Thats called a Nova 
 (10 million times less luminous)...
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