He saidthese different values mean that

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Unformatted text preview: aid that a deviant subculture doesn’t arise from the inability of the members to achieve success; instead he said that crime is a result of the fact that there is a lower­class subculture with different norms and values to the rest of society. He said these different values mean that for members of this culture there are a number of concerns and things people want to achieve, he called these focal concerns and they include: Toughness – Miller said that people within the lower­class subculture value toughness as an important trait; however this can manifest itself in assault and violence. Smartness – This culture also value the ability to outfox each other. This will often lead to people trying to con, pickpocket or steal from each other in ‘clever’ ways. Excitement – This culture constantly searches for excitement and thrills. This often means gambling, alcohol and sexual adventures. Miller said this mix of ‘focal concerns’ can lead to a culture which accepts crime and deviance as normal. David Matza said that delinquents aren’t actually in opposition to society’s norms and values. He said that society has a strong moral hold on them and this prevents them from engaging in delinquent activities for most of the time, he said that the fact that these people often show remorse for their actions later in life support this view. Instead he said these young delinquents are involved in crime only occasionally as part­time law breakers. Matza said that delinquents convince themselves they are not breaking the law, and this allows them to commit crimes whilst still accepting...
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