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Casey brown hydrosystems research group final totals

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Unformatted text preview: municipal parks, and public swimming pools). •  15% of American households are self- supplied –  Self- supplied water to households totals nearly 4 billion gallons per day. •  Issues with regulaEon •  More than 240 million people depend on public supply systems –  Withdrawals for public supply systems total more than 43 billion gallons per day. Historically, nearly 60 percent of the public supply is delivered to households. Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group How We Use Water •  Power Plants: Water used during the producEon of energy from fossil fuels, nuclear, or geothermal sources. Most water withdrawn for power plants is used for cooling purposes; power plants use 136 billion gallons of fresh water per day. Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group How We Use Wa...
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