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Course requirements and grading criteria project

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Unformatted text preview: Ward (2013), Managing Climate Risk in Water Supply Systems. IRI Tech. Report No. 10- 15. InternaEonal Research InsEtute for Climate and Society. •  •  The book is freely available for download from the Moodle course site. SupporEng material, including exercises is available at hAp://crk.iri.columbia.edu/water/ •  •  AddiEonal Text (not required): Griffin, R.C., Water Resources Economics: The analysis of scarcity, policies and projects. MIT Press, 2006. •  •  Prerequisites: calculus through differenEal equaEons; introductory probability and staEsEcs; fluid mechanics. Recommended: introductory systems analysis, hydrology. •  •  Course Requirements and Grading Criteria •  •  Project (Prospectus = 10%; Full = 40%; PresentaEon = 10%) 60% •  Homework 30% •  Reading Summaries 10% •  Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group Schedule Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group Overview •...
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