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Unformatted text preview: uch water should we use? •  Premise: Water use should be sustainable •  What do we mean by sustainability? •  sustain – to hold up, support; nourish •  sustainable – capable of being maintained or conEnued at a certain rate or level (Oxford English Dic<onary) Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group Water Resources Management •  Provide society reliable water services –  Safe and reliable water supply –  ProtecEon from floods –  Economic uses of water (hydropower, agriculture) –  Sustain the aquaEc environment •  Constant challenge is the uncertainty and unpredictability of nature –  The hydrologic cycle –  Climate variability and change Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group What is the sustainable rate? •  sustainable rate of use = replenishment rate –  But, •  What is replenishment rate = zero? •  What if the water is very valuable now? •  Or •  sustainable rate of use = rate at which the benefits exceed the costs of use. –  But, •  What is environmental benefits difficult to value? Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group RevisiEng Malthus •  In 1798, Thomas Malthus, English econo...
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