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Water has a social and economic value in all its

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Unformatted text preview: mpEon between rich and poor; increased standard of living for the poor, increased food, income, educaEon, health care, water supply, sanitaEon. •  Resources are being used, consumed, where’s their share? •  ImplementaEon – ParEcipaEon especially by those most directly affected. Three levels: informaEon sharing, consultaEon, empowerment. Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group Three Approaches to Sustainability •  Economic, ecological, socio- cultural •  Difficult to quanEfy and compare –  “Triple boAom line” •  Lack of subsEtutability •  How to decide? Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group ComplicaEng Factors related to Water Sustainability •  Highly Variable in Space •  Highly Variable in Time •  Accessibility •  Issues are local but have global interacEons •  Many water values difficult to quanEfy Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group Integrated Water Resources Management Casey Brown - Hydrosystems Research Group Integrated Wa...
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