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Between The Lines Engl50

Between The Lines Engl50 - 1 Voice persona and history are...

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1. Voice, persona, and history are terms that describe different aspects of a person’s identity and cannot be used interchangeably. A person’s history is a culmination of the past events in their life. The events of a person’s life can help sculpt their voice and persona, but other innate traits also contribute to persona and voice. Two individuals from the same social, ethnic, and age demographics could potentially undergo very similar personal histories, (at least in terms of factual events in their lives,) and ultimately develop very different personas and voices. Persona and voice are more closely related terms than either one relates to history. They both convey aspects of how a person conveys herself to the world, and also how the world perceives her. However, the term ‘voice’ contains more linguistic connotations. Aside from the literal interpretation of ‘voice,’ i.e., the tone, accent, and rhythm with
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