JAPN 101 Lesson 11

Th 12 1pm when monday march 25 locaon room 604 asian

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Unformatted text preview: tunity to tell us what you think about exchange and how exchange can work for you and your Asian Studies degree. Cookies, snacks and drinks will be provided! Please contact [email protected] if you have any quesMons regarding this event. th, 12- 1PM When: Monday March 25 Loca.on: Room 604 Asian Center ConjugaMon ~たいです: the same as いadjecMves Affirma.ve Nega.ve Present たいです たくないです Past たかったです たくなかったです Write one sentence of what you wanted/did not want to do yesterday. Ex:  きょうはテストがあるから、今朝もっと勉強したかったです...
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