Electrons are fermions and follow fermi dirac stascs

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Unformatted text preview: ority Carriers •  In an intrinsic material in equilibrium, the number of electrons is equal to the number of holes •  In an extrinsic material, one carrier type is dominant – there are more present –  For material doped with donors (“n- type”), the electron concentra[on will be higher than the hole concentra[on –  For material doped with acceptors (“p- type”), the hole concentra[on will be higher than the electron concentra[on •  The carrier which is dominant in a given material is referred to as the “majority carrier” while the carrier present at a lower concentra[on level is referred to as the “minority carrier” –  Holes are the minority carrier in n- type material –  Electrons are the minority carrier in p- type material –  The minority carrier concentra[on will be lower than the intrinsic concentra[on 29 Minority Carrier Concentra[on in Equilibrium •  Why is the minority carrier concentra[on smaller than ni? no(K)=Nd, majority carrier •  In an intrinsic material, recall that n=p=ni eee e ee Ec •  These values are determined by e e Ed the equilibrium genera[on and recombina[on rates 0.03 to Eg(Si)=1.1eV 0.06eV •  When the semiconductor is gi ri doped, there is an abundance of Ev majority carriers, the minority e e ee e carrier thus has a greater e ee ee e...
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