Space electron energy electron lower potential energy

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Unformatted text preview: cally ellipsoids in k-space 5 Depic[on of Bands in Real Space Increasing Electron Energy 0 Electrons (0K) 4N States Conduction Band Distance in “Device” (Real Space) x=0 Increasing Hole Energy x=L Valence Band 4N Electrons (0K) 4N States 6 Inferring Electron Poten[al & Kine[c Energy From Band Diagrams “k” Space Electron Energy Electron Lower Potential Energy Hole Higher Potential Energy E “Real” Space Electron Higher Potential Energy Hole Lower Potential Energy Comments: •  The location of the band edge is an indication of the potential energy •  The location above (or below for holes) the band edge is an indication of kinetic energy 7 Energy Band Picture: Real Space or 9 Metal and Semiconductor in k- Space Semiconductor Metal •  Semiconductor/Insulator: Maximum valence band energy is lower than minimum conduc[on band energy •  Metal: Maximum valence band energy is higher than minimum conduc[on band energy (band overlap), or par[ally filled bands Defini[ons Conduction Band Nx4 States •  no(T>0 K) e Ec Eg Ev e e Thermal Excitation e e ee e ee ee e e e po e Valence Band: Nx4 electrons occupy Nx4 states at...
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