Material the minority carrier concentraon will be

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Unformatted text preview: (n=infinity) is 5.3 meV How Good is this Approxima[on? From Sze and Irvin, Solid State Electronics, V11, pp 599, 1968 Carrier Freeze Out ni n, p n, p ni 500 K Hot 100 K Cold Important Defini[ons •  Intrinsic Material: For a “perfect” crystal in equilibrium, electron and hole densi[es are equal –  The value of this density ni is called the intrinsic concentra[on •  Extrinsic Material: The crystal is “doped” with –  donors, where the material is n- type and the electron density exceeds the hole density, or –  acceptors, where the material is p- type and the hole density exceeds the electron density –  An amphoteric dopant can act as either a donor or acceptor, depending upon what atom it is replacing in the crystal –  In extrinsic material, the carrier with the higher concentra[on is the majority carrier and the carrier with lower concentra[on is the minority carrier •  We will find out later that the product of the minority carrier density and majority carrier density is constant for a given temperature (in equilibrium), and equal to ni2 28 Majority and Min...
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