5 periodic table of the elements iii ii iv v vi

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Unformatted text preview: •  Look at and read selected por[ons of the supplemental texts •  Form study groups to review concepts and discuss high- level approaches for solving homework problems –  Don’t form study groups to copy homework solu[ons •  Don’t miss any homework, quizzes, or exams •  It’s hard to overcome a zero •  Take advantage of the office hours •  Ask ques[ons in class! 5 Periodic Table of the Elements III II IV V VI Important Material Systems •  Elemental Semiconductors –  Silicon •  ICs, CCDs, Solar Panels & Solar Cells –  Germanium •  Substrates for High- Efficiency Solar Cells, Long Wavelength Photodetectors •  Binary Semiconductors –  SiGe •  High Speed Electronics –  InP •  Op[cal Communica[on Devices, High Speed Electronics –  GaAs •  Wireless Communica[ons, Short- Distance Op[cal Links –  GaN •  LEDs for Ligh[ng, High Temperature Electronics 8 Important Material Systems •  Ternary Semiconductors –  AlGaAs: VCSELs for Short- Reach Links, DPSSL Pump Lasers –  InGaAs on InP: High Speed Photodiodes, Long Wavelength Cameras –  Strained AlGaAs/InGaAs on GaAs: 980 nm Pump Lasers for EDFAs –  GaAsP: Commodity Red LEDs –  InGaN: Blue LEDs •  Quaternary Semiconductors –  InGaAsP on InP, InAlGaAs on InP: Op[cal Communica[ons (1310 & 1550 nm) –  InGaAsP on GaAs (Lasers for DPSSL), InAlGaP 9 Other Materials •  IV –  SiC: Pre- GaN Blue LEDs, Power Electronic Devices •  III- V Materials –  InAs: IR Photodetectors –  GaInNAs: Material studied for 1310/1550 nm...
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