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Unformatted text preview: on GaAs •  II- VI Materials –  –  –  –  –  ZnSe: Pre- GaN Blue LEDs, Scin[llators CdTe: Solar Cells HgCdTe: Solar Cells, Mid- IR Detectors InSe: Photovoltaics ZnS, CdS, ZnCdS: CRT Phosphors •  Other –  Indium Tin Oxide (ITO): Transparent Conductors 10 Bandgap and Laice Constant of Common Semiconductors 11 Basic Equa[ons for Semiconductor Device Opera[on •  The basic equa[ons for semiconductor device opera[on describe the sta[c and dynamic behavior of carriers in semiconductors under the influence of external fields that cause devia[on from the thermal equilibrium condi[ons •  The basic equa[ons can be classified in four groups: (a) Maxwell’s equa[ons, (b) Current- density equa[ons, (c) Con[nuity equa[ons, and (d) Quantum mechanics & Shrodinger’s Equa[on 13 Maxwell Equa[ons for Homogeneous and Isotropic Materials ∂B ∇×E = − ∂t ∂D ∇× H = − + J cond = J total ∂t ∇ • D = ρ ( x, y, z ) ∇• B = 0 B = µo H t D(r, t ) = ∫ ε s (t − t ' )E (r, t ' ) dt ' −∞ = εE + P E: electric field D: displacement vector B: magnetic field H: induction vector ε s : permittivity µ o: permeability ρ : total electric charge density Jcond: the conduction current density P: polarization density ×: curl operator Ÿ༉: divergence operator 14 Review...
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