Will be sca5ered more strongly by the impurity

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Unformatted text preview: qt µ≡ * m +! Impurity Concentration, Not Carrier Concentration ND+NA Effect of Temperature on Mobility •  Electron and hole mobility is a func[on of the frequency of collision events (sca5ering) •  La#ce Sca(ering µ Lattice –  A carrier moving through the (cm 2 /V − s) crystal is sca5ered by a vibra[on of the lapce (phonon) –  At temperature increases, there is more vibra[on of the lapce –  The mobility decreases as the temperature increases due to greater thermal agita[on of the lapce µ Lattice ∝ T −3 / 2 Lattice Scattering T-3/2 T(K)-log scale 15 Effect of Impurity Concentra[on on Mobility •  Impurity Sca(ering –  Ionized impurity sca5ering refers to the interac[on with charged ions (carrier freeze out not µImpurity considered) –  A carrier moving through the (cm 2 /V − s) crystal is sca5ered by ionized impuri[es –  The mobility decreases...
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