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Unformatted text preview: Epitaxial growth of a non lance- matched material Misfit Dislocation 14 Other Concepts •  Cri$cal Thickness: Growth thickness above which misfit disloca\ons are formed •  Strained Layer Superla7ce: A structure of alterna\ng layers having tensile and compressive strain such that net strain balance occurs and misfit disloca\ons are not formed 15 Epitaxial Growth Methods •  Liquid Phase Epitaxy •  Chemical Vapor Deposi\on –  Vapor Phase Epitaxy •  (Tri)Chloride & Hydride VPE –  Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposi\on •  Molecular Beam Epitaxy 16 Silicon VPE VPE Methods Chloride: SiCl4 + 2H 2 Si + 4HCl Silane Pyrolysis: SiH 4 → Si + 2H 2 17 MOCVD: Early Systems MOCVD: Today (CH 3 )3Ga + AsH 3 → GaAs + 3CH 4 19 Molecular Beam Epitaxy 20 Research MBE Reactor nnano.2007.121_F1.html 21 Produc\on MBE Reactor
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