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Unformatted text preview: th and development. Control reproduc&on & &ming of life history stages. •  Regulate red blood cell produc&on. •  Control and integrate circula&on and the diges&on and absorp&on of food. •  •  •  •  •  Plasma Concentra&on of Hormone •  The acPvity of a hormone is related to its concentraPon in the blood •  Higher plasma concentra&on - > greater hormone ac&vity. Usually. •  Hormone concentra&on is mainly controlled by changing the rate of secrePon •  Also influenced by rate of clearance by metabolic inac&va&on and/or excre&on •  Hormone in blood plasma may be inac&ve when bound to plasma proteins Concentra&on is Regulated… (and, occasionally, posi&ve feedback) Neural input Hormonal input Hypothalamic neurosecretory neuron (secretes) Hormone 1 (Hypophyseal portal system) Anterior pituitary (secretes) Negative feedback H...
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