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Unformatted text preview: hat binds hormone Steroid hormone receptor New protein 8 Portion that binds to DNA 2 7 DNA-binding site (active) 6 3 mRNA 5 4 DNA Nucleus Hormone Gene response element Fig. 4-28, p. 128 ANIMATION: Hormones and target cell receptors To play movie you must be in Slide Show Mode PC Users: Please wait for content to load, then click to play Mac Users: CLICK HERE FYI Ac&vity of a membrane- bound, G protein coupled receptor (GPR30) ac&vated by estrogen (E2) Annual Reviews Table 4-4 p122 Testosterone, a masculinizing hormone Estradiol, a feminizing hormone Fig. 4- 24, p. 122 What’s a hormone? Which of the following could act as a hormone? a) A lidle molecule made by reorganizing an amino acid b) A short polypep&de sequence c) A medium- sized molecule made by reorganizing cholesterol d) A lidle molecule made by adaching...
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