Progesterone acts on the uterus to downregulate

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Unformatted text preview: ormone 2 (Systemic circulation) Target endocrine gland (secretes) Hormone 3 (Systemicirculation) Target cells Physiologic effect Fig. 18-6, p. 670 Target Cell Sensi&vity •  Target- cell sensi&vity can be modified by: •  Regula&on of the number of receptors •  Up- regulaPon vs. down- regulaPon •  Regula&on of cofactors or second messenger pathways •  Local synthesis of molecules that transport, degrade, or release hormone from a carrier •  There are even enzymes that re- make some hormones from degraded metabolites sEll in circulaEon Hormones That Control Hormones •  Tropic hormones regulate hormone secre&on by another endocrine gland. •  Also s&mulate growth and maintain &ssues in target endocrine organs. •  Example: thyroid- s-mula-ng hormone (TSH) •  secreted by the anterior pituitary •  causes thyroid gland growth and thyroid hormone secre&on TSH Ho...
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