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Receptors distant target cell f neurohormone

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Unformatted text preview: Secreting cell (neuron) Neurotransmitter (d) Neurotransmitter secretion Blood Secreting cell (endocrine cell) Neurohormone Blood Electrical signal Hormone Distant target cell Nontarget cell (no receptors) (e) Hormonal secretion Secreting cell (neuron) Nontarget cell (no receptors) Distant target cell (f) Neurohormone secretion Fig. 4-20, p. 117 Extracellular Chemical Messengers •  paracrines: local chemical messengers •  neurotransmi?ers: very short- range chemical messengers released by neurons •  hormones: long- range chemical messengers secreted into the blood by endocrine glands •  neurohormones: long- range chemical messengers secreted into blood by neurons Table 4-5 p129 Hormonal Communica&on •  Hormones are long- distance chemical messengers secreted into the blood. •  Hormones may be func&onally classified based on solubility: ...
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