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Unformatted text preview: rmones that Interact with Hormones •  Many hormones have permissive effects •  Enable a &ssue to respond to another hormone where it otherwise would not •  In addi&on to permissive effects, hormones may enhance or diminish ac&ons of other hormones –  synergism; combined effect of two hormones is greater than separate effects –  antagonism; one hormone decreases the effec&veness of another What’s the rela&onship? Progesterone acts on the uterus to downregulate expression of estrogen receptors. Estrogen has an excitatory effect on uterine &ssue. Thus, at the end of pregnancy, progesterone ac&vity (*) must decline for the baby to be born. This is an example of: a) synergism b) permissiveness c) agonism d)...
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